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Full Service

The goal of Lakeshore Realty is to give Racine-Kenosha homeowners the freedom to choose: Choose how much help you want in selling your home, and choose how much money you want to spend on that help. Our Full Service real estate is a more comprehensive service than our Limited Service packages, but still helps you save money when selling your home.

In addition to the extra benefits of a Full Service package, realtors who view your listing on the MLS can see whether you have full or limited service—so if a buyer’s agent prefers Full Service, this can give you an added advantage in selling your home.

We offer two different approaches to Full Service real estate: flat fee and traditional. Read about these options below to get acquainted with the services we offer, or set up a FREE Consultation to talk to Lakeshore Realty directly about how we can help you sell your home.

Full Service MLS Flat Fee

A Full Service flat fee package is ideal for homeowners who want full, quality professional help selling their home, but don’t mind doing a little of the work themselves to bring down their costs. Unlike traditional real estate, our flat fee package gives you full service while letting you know exactly how much you’ll be paying, so you know from the start you’ll be saving money on the deal.

A Full Service Flat Fee package consists of three components:

  • Either the MLS Premium or MLS Elite package (your choice)

  • Phone and Feedback Add-On ($599 one-time fee, at closing)

  • Closing and Negotiation Add-On ($899 one-time fee, at closing)

This way, can choose which MLS package is right for you, then add on the services that make selling your Racine-Kenosha real estate much easier for you.

With the Phone and Feedback add-on, we’ll handle all the calls, schedule your showings, and even gather feedback: you’ll have less to worry about, and more insight on how to increase your home’s selling appeal. This add-on is a one-time flat fee, paid only at the successful closing of your Racine-Kenosha real estate.

The Closing and Negotiation Add-On is a one-time flat fee, paid only at the successful closing of your Racine-Kenosha real estate. We’ll handle all the negotiations, documentation, and legal ‘stuff.’ Otherwise, you would have to hire an attorney for this, which often costs $1,000-$1,500.

No matter how you do it, Lakeshore Realty’s Full Service MLS saves you money over traditional real estate. If you know exactly which service you want, you can Order Online, or schedule a FREE Consultation so we can answer any questions you may have about selling your Racine-Kenosha home, and how we can help you do it affordably.

Traditional Full Service Real Estate Services

If a Flat Fee service is not right for you and you would prefer traditional, commission-based Full Service real estate, Lakeshore Realty can certainly assist you. As experts with years of experience in Racine-Kenosha real estate, our agents fully understand the local market. With programs as low as 3%, we can help you save money while still enjoying the convenience of traditional, full-service real estate. Schedule your FREE Consultation so one of our real estate experts can explain all of your options.

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