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Listing Your Home In the Racine Kenosha MLS 

For anyone selling Racine-Kenosha real estate, listing your home in the MLS is an absolutely essential first step. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is the primary listing location for all homes on the market.

Listing your home on the MLS means that it is viewable by thousands of licensed real estate agents, and by thousands of buyers who search the MLS from their homes (through Realtor.com and local search sites, such as ours). As a result, MLS listings yield three times more sales than other home selling tools. As a seller, that is an opportunity you really can’t afford to miss. If you want your Racine-Kenosha real estate to be seen by the greatest number of potential buyers, it is extremely important to list it in the MLS.

Lakeshore Realty offers several different real estate packages, from just getting your property listed (for by-owner sales, where you do the rest) to full service real estate (putting our full experience to work for you), or anything in between. Read on to figure out which of our services are right for you!

Full vs. Limited Service

Lakeshore Realty is proud to offer our Racine Kenosha real estate clients the choice between limited or full service real estate. When we list your home in the Racine Kenosha MLS, we are required to declare whether the listing is limited or full service, so prospective buyers will know whether they’ll work directly with you or with an agent from our company. Our goal is to help you as much or as little as you’d like: the choice between packages is up to you.

Limited Service means that we’ll get you listed in the MLS and can provide other support, but you will deal directly with interested realtors or buyers yourself. We offer three different flat fee Limited Service packages, and how much work you do depends on the package and add-on services that you choose.

With Limited Service, you can find your own buyer, or you may sell to an agent who finds you through the MLS. (When this happens, you’ll be required to give that agent a small commission. We recommend a minimum of 2%. Even with this commission, you still save thousands of dollars compared to traditional real estate.)

Full Service is for sellers who prefer Lakeshore Realty handles all the work required to sell their Racine or Kenosha real estate. Full service includes an MLS flat fee package plus certain add-on services. We offer two full service packages for sellers of Racine-Kenosha real estate, again depending on what you’re looking for.

To determine whether a limited or full service package is right for you, compare MLS Flat Fee packages, or schedule a FREE Consultation today, so one of our Racine-Kenosha real estate expert agents can answer any questions you might have.     

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